Saturday, July 5, 2008

another day, more caricatures.

this child sat in the chair... I never said anything to her I just smiled at her and she sat down. I drew most of it really quickly (it was the morning i needed a demo), she ran off before I finished. she didn't change her expression once, and she never saw the drawing. I coloured it and used it for bait.

This kid was obnoxious... his face was sort of squashed in the middle.
I bet he was punched in the middle of the face when he was a baby.

This mermaid had an interesting face her fairy sister (below) was not as fun.

She told me that I made her face look like a potato... then she bought a large frame and showed it off to her friends.

I'm not pleased with this one... it was an easy face to take to the moon and i didn't. waste of a good face.

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