Tuesday, August 5, 2008

cottage doodles

I spend almost my entire summer drawing caricatures at wonderland, so I try every once in a while to escape to my parent's cottage for a couple days here and there. It's been a rather rainy summer so the bugs are going absolutely nuts so there are frogs and toads everywhere. Most of the toads are as big as house flies and if they didn't move because you were just about to step on them you might never find them. This one was bigger, about the size of a golf ball. I caught him and followed him around a bit with my pencil.After a while my toad got board with me so i decided to find a new subject. to my surprise i found a tree frog. This one absolutely refused to stay still it was about half an inch long and it would go three or four feet with every jump. it could stick to just about anything... so i had a bit of trouble keeping track of it.

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