Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring Cleaning

I've been needing to clean for a while now.. I am a very messy person, and I hate cleaning. I really need a cleaning fairy or something... So the odd time when I do decide to clean I am easily distracted... so today while cleaning, going through mounds of drawings, I found a bunch of drawings that I completely forgot about, that got swallowed up by the masses of paper... making my cleaning excursion into an exciting treasure hunt. I'm not sure if I felt more like a pirate or a kid on Easter morning... but I found myself spreading all the papers around and it wasn't making my room any cleaner. But check out what I found!

Giraffe: I didn't draw this at the zoo.... I'm not really sure when or why I drew this... i drew it (I think) sometime in the fall..
I drew this a while ago when I was trying to draw a caricature of myself to go on business cards.. I couldn't decide so I left it pictureless.

I drew this before I had a blog... at the beginning of the summer 2008, trying to return to caricature mode from fine art land...It was supposed to be a self caricature but it turned out like a self portrait... so I never finished it...

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