Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sketch Jam and some other stuff.

Went to the Sketch Jam and hardly drew anything. I was too busy catching up with everyone and generally having good times. So I added some other drawings to this post that I had in my sketchbook random other times and places.

this is Zub blah blahing... his reaction to this drawing was pretty funny...

The theme this jam was "festive zombies" I didn't submit this or try at all... previously winning the jammy 'n everything... I thought it would be funny that rather then attempting something epic, I would draw the lamest festive zombie I could think of: the tacky Christmas sweater zombie.
"NOG!!!" was not really part of the original plan rather what my brain decided festive Christmas zombies would say instead of "BRAINS!!!"
The pose and the design are super weak.. I feel like I should give it another go sometime and try at least a little.

Sometimes you see a guy with a huge nose and you just need to stop whatever you are doing to draw it.

Doodles done at breakfast New Years morning of some guys sitting wayyy across the room. First doodles of the new decade.

 Some lady in the subway. I loved the interaction between shapes in her face.

I should have included this in my last post... Its the original caricature I did in my sketchbook before drawing directly on the skate deck. My original plan was to do a solid silhouette in black, but I liked the face in this sketch so I compromised and attempted to have it back-lit with the details of the face visible faintly. I may still like this face better then the final simply because it is more visible. I had some issues with his right shoulder interfering with the silhouette of the face and the neck, its weirdly gimpy and disproportionate here I hid it entirely in the final, relaxing the torso twist sightly... resulting in a less dynamic pose.  The posture was entirely from memory... It is a very useful skill to memorize posture. In photos people tend to pose, so its hard to find good photo reference on their posture and it makes for a far more accurate caricature if you get it right. Memorizing posture also gives you this amazing skill of recognizing people from really far away.

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Brilliant looking drawings..You put lots of character into your faces..

and thats why I like um'..