Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Patrick run/fight test1

I've been working on Patrick an indie video game for a while now in my spare time. I have a bunch of environment stuff done... but it's not all in the map editor yet, and I need to get some sort of video capture program.
For now: here is some animation of Patrick. I did this fighting thing Saturday... wanted it look like button mashing.

Patrick run/fight test1 from Andrea Gerstmann on Vimeo.


Amok said...

looks awesome Andrea!! Man, i love the art style, dont see this very much in games these days eh?

cant wait to see where this goes..

HARRINGTOONs Patrick Harrington said...

Wonderful work Andrea..THe artwork is beautiful!
Looks like he could be your little brother?...
Are you working in Flash, toonboom, what?
Love to see the final product.

Andrea Gerstmann said...

It's mostly just photoshop (actually gimp cause its freeware) It's not vector at all but I used flash to get some of the simple motion. I had to export it and had to fix every frame in photoshop for it to look right. The legs and a bunch of other things are all classically animated. I stuck all the frames in flash to make this video... I need video capture software to show actual game footage.

Jason Bradshaw said...

looks like a pile of fun. Making a video game like this must be A LOT of work!

Aaronphilby said...