Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Loki Dog

Trying Illustrator more and learning stuff. I used some gradients in this one, they are good cause you can use gradients instead of shadows.
I drew my sister's dog, this is how he looks at you if you are one of the 7 people he isn't afraid of.


rami james said...

I'm curious: what effect are you using to get the textures? Are you adding them afterwards in photoshop?

Andrea Gerstmann said...

I usually make a few layers with different colour modes. You can do it in illustrator, Colour modes in are under opacity. It's easier in photoshop especially if you need to fiddle with the texture. I usually do one layer (usually multiply) for the darker colours and another mode for the highlights (overlay, screen, soft light or colour dodge) and I play with the opacity of each. sometimes I add an extra texture layer for just the background.