Saturday, July 5, 2008

Here are some of the live caricatures i did today at Canada's Wonderland:

early drawing, no colour. *pouts. The girl kept talking about her monkey so i drew it 'for free'

She asked me if i could make them look pretty... i said yes, then did whatever i wanted. Exaggerate doesn't mean make ugly, I don't give people self esteem issues... people just have them. Regardless, they loved it.

The Bride had a bananaface.

This was a Redraw, note the concerned looks on both their faces...
they looked happier once they saw the drawing.

I got to draw death itself today.
The best part was the sounds the crowd made when i coloured the pupils in red.

Last drawing... it was in a frame (hence the glare) at night (hence the blur) but it was probably my favorite for the day... note one earing, she lost the other on a ride.

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000000 said...

Wow, you visited muh blug! I added your blug to my links list.

You're the best caricature artist at Wonderland, in my opinion. Your style and technique is definitely the most appealing, and thats the most important thing in theme park caricature (I say).

Hey! I finally broke $1000, today on July 4th! I hope you did as much on Canada Day.