Saturday, July 21, 2012

Traditional Painting Step by Step - Chickadee part 2

Here is Part 2, if you havn't seen Part 1 its here:

Step 5: Detail.
Detail is really only a bunch of tiney lines and dots. You can spend a long time rendering details or you can just do the important ones, that's up to you. I usually only do details in simply blacks or whites. this way they are crisp and you dont need to keep mixing them

Step 6: Washes.
Often Details make things appear too harsh so its good to put a wash of a colour over details to soften and bring back colours you want. Washes can also create depth and atmosphere, you can push things away from the forground with a wash. 

Step7 Final highlights
Just put a few final dots of light to make shiney stuff look shiney, and it's all done!

I hope you enjoyed.

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tiffannysketchbook said...

thanks! I did enjoy it. Nice job :)