Thursday, May 28, 2009

Drink and Draw

Yesterday it rained all day, and it really sucks to be working outside when it rains all day. This peculiar kid walked by at one point during the soggy day. I would have loved to draw him, but he ignored me and walked on. Later i was at the drink and draw, and drew him from memory.

This is Marcio... i drew it at the drink and draw... it got a little wrecked by the rain.
Drawing of DiluC from the drawig board... I actually did this a while ago and thought i might do more to finish it... but i never did, so i supposed i might as well post it as is.


Sean (53AN) Gardner said...

DiluC is halarious, awesome

Aaronphilby said...

HAHAHA. Dang. That bottom one is so cool!