Tuesday, May 5, 2009

zoo animals

I went to the zoo again with a few caricaturists i work with and did some fun little drawings in my sketchbook. Here are a few of them:

Mr. Baboon.

Camel... the one with two humps and a cool hair doo

Dunkaroo (some passing kids called it that the last time I was there... there was also a prickly creature the kids were insisting was a pine cone. they kept repeating "dunkaroos and pine cones!!!")

The hyena was wondering around constantly and never kept any sort of pose for any period of time and was hidden from view or had his back turned... so i drew this more or less from memory. I rather like how i captured his character.

meerkats... I like the top middle one. It is pretty much my first impression of those little guys. Most of the time thats what they look like... sometimes the most simple quick drawing is the best representation of something.

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